Walking on the edge of the Creux du Van

Today it was a sunny day in Switzerland so we used our brand new mobility card to get a Smart and we headed to Neuchatel to visit a friend of K. When we arrived there he proposed us to visit a really cool place on the top of the mountain, so we went there. I had no idea what was exactly about so when we finally arrived after circling a lot of small roads we got to a place that at first sight doesn't look too impressive: You just see some cows with their bells ringing, surrounded by some rocky fence, but once you cross the field and pass the rocks you get welcomed by a breath taking view: The Creux du Van, a natural rocky cirque that looks like a cliff in the sea. You can walk in the edge of the cliff and in some parts is scary: the abyss is just 2 steps from the road, but anyway totally recommended! Very interesting place.