Trafalgar Square

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to visit London one more time. In my opinion the British capital is always an interesting place to visit, offering so many things to do, places to visit and food to eat, that is hard to decide what to do. This time around I was staying at the Paddington area near to the Hyde park and I tried for the first time the London (aka "Boris") Bikes, and since weather was pleasant it turned out to be an excellent decision. I started my ride in the Hyde park, passed by the Buckinham palace, continued all the way to through the Mall and ended up in Charing Cross where I finished the trip. It's here where I took this picture of Trafalgar Square. The name commemorates the Battle of Trafalgar, a British naval victory off the southern Spanish coast during the Napoleonic wars. I really like the view you get from the stairs of the National gallery.