Amazing Istambul

In september last year we spent a couple of days we spent In Istanbul. It was a massive sensorial experience from every aspect: watching the diverse people walking in the streets, admiring ancient buildings such as Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque, smelling the spices blending in the bazaars, hearing the call to the prayer many times during the day coming out of the minarets, feeling the sun bronzing the skin, sipping a tea next to a pistachio baklava and enjoying a grilled sea bass at a nice restaurant in the Sultanahmet area. As you can imagine there are plenty of mosques in Istanbul. Everyday when we were taking the tram to the city center we were passing by the Eminönü station and staring at the new mosque. One of the evenings after dinner I had the chance to get a nice shot of the this mosque from the other side of the Galata bridge using a long exposure.