Probably the shortest city break I have ever done in all these years, but one of the most interesting ones at the same time was the hour I spent in Salamanca back in 2009. I didn’t plan on purpose to visit the city for such a short time but it was rather a stop over on my way from Llerena in Extremadura to Ourense in Galicia. I was visiting an old friend from high school in Extremadura, but I was also going to the wedding of a Spanish friend in Galicia and the only flight that I could find was from Dublin to Madrid so ended up renting a car and driving across the Iberian peninsula. I decided to break the trip to Ourense in two and I was glad I did it, because Salamanca turned out to be a beautiful city. I definitively would like to come back and spent more time. Here you can find a picture of the Plaza Mayor.

Where & when

Salamanca, Spain